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AK8 TRAJ Dart Flights

AK Flights & Shafts

AK5 ROST Dart Flights

Standard S/M/L

Big Wing -Solid S/M/L

Tear -Solid S/M/L

Diamond -Solid Color

Slim -Solid Color

Standard -Gradient S/M/L

Big Wing -Gradient S/M/L

Tear -Gradient S/M/L

Diamond -Gradient Color

Slim -Gradient S/M/L

Tear -Pattern M

Standard -JAZZ-METAL M

Standard AK5-PDC Asian Tour 2021

Standard AK5-Love One

ROST T19-929 Launch 2022

Standard-Peking Opera

2 Set-6 Pieces

Big Wing Shape-S/M/L-3 Set

AK4 TERO Dart Flights

Standard Shape-Unique Design

Slim Shape

Kite Shape

Shield Shape

Diamond Shape

Standard Shape-Ocean Drive

AK4 PDC Edition

Standard Shape-Only You

Gradient-Standard Shape

Gradient-Slim Shape

Gradient-Kite Shape

Gradient-Sheild Shape

Gradient-Diamond Shape

Gradient-Big Wing Shape

Gradient-Teardrop Shape

Teardrop Shape

Big Wing Shape

AK7 TERO Dart Shafts

AK7 Slim Shaft

AK7 Gradient Color

AK7 Original Dart Shafts

AK7 Aluminum Shaft(Size A)

AK7 Aluminum Shaft(Size B/C/D/E/F/G/H)

AK6 KOFF Flights & Shafts

Standard Shape with Foldable Flights

Kite Shape with Foldable Flights

Pear Shape with Foldable Flights

Standard Shape with AK4 Dart Flights

Kite Shape with AK4 Dart Flights

Slim Shape with AK4 Dart Flights

AK6 Replacemnt Dart Flight-Standard Shape

AK6 Replacement Dart Flight-Kite Shape

AK6 Replacement Dart Flight-Pear Shape

AK6 Replacement Springs

AK6 Replacement Dart Shaft/Stem

AK6 Replacement Cross Sword

AK6 Replacement Cap for Foldable Flights

AK6 Replacement Guard Pawl

AK8 TRAJ Dart Flights


AK Flights & Shafts-Puzzle


Big Wing -S/M/L

Big Standard-S/M/L

Small Standard-S/M/L

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